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🔻نقشه برداری هوایی بدون نقاط کنترل زمینی
🔻دارای تاییدیه دقت از سازمان نقشه برداری
🔻حفظ دقت در عین راندمان بالا
🔻استقاده از دوربین حرفه ای فول فریم

Total Station Training Another specialized training course on survey instrument at Tekno is Total Station’s training course. In order to get a better understanding of the society of Iranian survey engineers, the technology of the day has been set up. The workshop was held in 10 different groups and was welcomed by enthusiasts of this […]

Seminar and workshop for plotting with UAV photogrammetry without using ground control points that was held with the presence of many undergraduate and postgraduate students and professors from Khaje Nasir University. This course was held in practice for four hours. In collaboration with the Research Deputy of the Faculty of Mapping Engineering of Khaje Nasir […]

Tekno’s company will begin selling its photogrammetric drone soon. These UAVs are multi-rotor type and have standards for the entire mapping organization for aerial photos and 3D modeling. Specifications, price and release date of this product will be announced by Tekno Company on social networks.

The technical experts of the Innovative Exploration Equipment Company (Tekno), trained at the South Azad University Azad University training campus, trained different methods of harvesting by new satellite receivers. During the training session, students were introduced to the latest technology in the field of satellite receivers and began to learn the practicalities of the devices.

The acquisition of spatial and descriptive information is a major component of any GIS project, and the bulk of the project’s time is spent collecting these data. Stopping traditional methods of data harvesting reduces the returns and increases cost and time of harvesting. Therefore, the use of modern data mining tools has always been a […]